Amazon Recap 2023 Quiz Answers Win Rs 25000

Amazon Recap 2023 Quiz Answers Win Rs 25000

Today's Amazon Recap 2023 Quiz Answers Win Rs 25000
Today's Amazon Recap 2023 Quiz Answers and Win Rs. 25000. The Amazon Quiz is live today, December 22nd, 2023. Play the quiz on the Amazon app in the "Funzone" contest section. If you answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be eligible for a lucky draw that will be held among participants who have answered that particular question correctly.

Amazon Recap 2023 Quiz Answers & Win Rs. 25000!

Question 1: Which country became the first to land a spacecraft near the moon's south pole in August 2023?
Answer: India

Question 2: The ICC Cricket World Cup had fans from across the globe hooked. Who won the 2023 trophy?
Answer: Australia

Question 3: 2023 was a breakout year for generative AI. Which is the latest free to use AI system introduced by OpenAI?
Answer: GPT-4

Question 4: Guess these movies that became a sensation over the internet in 2023?
Answer: Barbie and Oppenheimer

Question 5: India surpasses China to become world's most populous nation in 2023. True or False?
Answer: True

Recap 2023 on Amazon Quiz Answers Find them on, the #1 Online Giveaway Website! We have all the latest updates on online contests, free stuff deals, free samples, cashback, loot deals, loot offers, coupons, and freebie deals. To enter the  Amazon Quiz, simply answer all 5 questions correctly. The draw of lots will be held among all "1" participants who answered all 5 questions correctly. The winner will receive Rs. 25000 Free Amazon Pay Balance.

How Can Participate Recap 2023 Quiz Answer & Win: 

  1. Download and Sing In Amazon App 
  2. Now Scroll Down Banner of "Amazon Recap 2023 Quiz"
  3. Answer To 5 Question Time correctly to enter the Lucky Draw
  4. 1 Lucky Winner Win Free Free Amazon Pay Balance Rs 25000

Amazon Recap 2023 Quiz Answers: Questions And Answers

  • Answer 1: India
  • Answer 2: Australia
  • Answer 3: GPT-4
  • Answer 4: Barbie and Oppenheimer
  • Answer 5: True
Amazon Recap 2023 Quiz & Win Rs 25000. Total 1 Prize that will be given under this contest. The Prize will be delivered to the winner on or before 15th February, 2024

Contest End: January 2nd, 2024 11:59 PM

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