Hide And Seek Unique Code Win Galaxy Fold 5

Hide And Seek Unique Code Win Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 Weekly, More Prizes

Buy Parle Hide And Seek Promo Pack and Win Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 Every Week and More Prizes
Buy Parle Hide And Seek Unique Code on Promo Pack and Win Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 Every Week, Kalyan Gift Voucher Rs 10000/- , Amazon Gift Card Wroth Rs 2000/- and Assured Cashback Worth Rs 10. Offer to all Parle Hide And Seek Biscuit Lovers just buy Promo pack and find the Voucher Code (Unique Code) to participate The Seek Hidden Prizes weekly prize Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 Smartphone and more prizes.

How To Participate Hide And Seek Win Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 Weekly?:

  1. Buy Parle Hide And Seek Promo Pack 
  2. Find The Unique Code Printed on Promo Pack
  3. Visit Hide And Seek Contest Page
  4. Fill Your Unique Code & Your Correct Details.
  5. All Lucky MFK winners Win Free Samsung Galaxy Fold 5, and More Prizes.

How To Find Unique Code On Parle Hide And Seek Promo Pack?

  1. Buy Printed Offer Promo Pack of Parle Hide And Seek
  2. Find The Promo Pack Wrapper Inside Unique Code
  3. Visit Parle Hide And Seek Contest page web URL
  4.  Fill there your details for Enter Lucky Draw

Terms and Conditions – Hide And Seek Assured Cashback

  • This offer entitles the end user cashback on their Online Wallet or Bank Account Or UPI. The customer will be responsible for their choice of the cashback transfer method. The denomination of the cashback will be mentioned on the voucher/scratch card.
  • Any consumer purchasing promotional product shall be eligible to receive a Voucher inside the pack. The customer shall receive a cashback of an amount equivalent to the value as mentioned in the Voucher (“Cashback/Voucher Amount”).
  • By redeeming the Offer provided on the same, a participant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions below (“Conditions”).
  • If you are not a wallet partner registered customer, you will be required to register on the wallet partner website or Mobile App to receive your wallet cashback.
  • The customer will be responsible for entering details such as UPI ID, Account No, Online Wallet Mob Nos, etc. Premier Sales Promotions Pvt Ltd. will not be responsible for any incorrect entries or details on the promotion website. No change in details will be entertained once you have submitted the booking.
  • All Participants agree that wallet partner offering discount vouchers may at any time stipulate additional terms and conditions for redemption of the discount vouchers and such terms and conditions shall be binding on the Participants and shall apply to every redemption of recharge/discount voucher by the Participants.
  • The Wallet Partner / Payment processing partner holds the right to refuse transactions deemed fraudulent as per their policies.

Terms & Conditions for Samsung Galaxy Fold 5, Kaylan, Amazon Gift Vouchers,

  • The images shown are indicative of the product being offered, the actual product, its colour and design may vary from the displayed image.
  • Gifts/Products will be accompanied by warranty information wherever applicable from the manufacturer and claims must be directed to the manufacturers directly.
  • Merchandise once ordered cannot be returned/ exchanged unless the merchandise is delivered defective. In case of the product delivered to you is defective, please contact our helpdesk within 24 hours of delivery of the merchandise, in case of failure to do so, the reward shall be considered as accepted by customer.
  • Defective goods will be replaced, or alternate product will be delivered if the defect is reported within 24 hours of receiving the defective product. Call helpdesk to report a product as defective.
  • Premier Sales Promotions Pvt Ltd. will do an address specific dispatch of redeemed items.
  • No dispatch shall be made to P.O. Box addresses or to addresses outside India.
  • To the extent permitted by law, Premier Sales Promotions Pvt Ltd. makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability, or merchantability of any gift/ reward. Warranty claims must be directed to the manufacturer.
  • The product cannot be exchanged for cash any point.
  • No. change in color and brand will be entertained once the order is placed.
  • In case the product is not available, then an alternate product (as per availability) will be offered to you.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5, Parle Hide And Seek Unique Code Offer Rules

  1. This offer is subject to promotional availability. This offer is not exchangeable for “cash”.
  2. This offer is not for sale.
  3. Photocopied, torn or mutilated Vouchers will not be accepted.
  4. This voucher has no monetary value, is non-transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  5. The usage of this voucher is incumbent upon the terms & and conditions to be followed by the voucher holder/purchaser. Such conditions need to be followed by the voucher holder/purchaser.
  6. A maximum of one voucher may be used per person, per mobile number, per email id per account during the promotion period.
  7. Only one voucher per booking will be entertained. Multiple Vouchers cannot be booked together.
  8. The “How to Redeem” instructions form a part of these Terms & Conditions. For detailed T&C’s please visit www.hideandseekoffer.com. Any costs associated with entering the promotion, including accessing the promotional website, are the responsibility of each entrant. Also, regular call and message rates will apply as per the consumer telecom operator in their respective circles.
  9. Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. or Premier Sales Promotions Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible in case the Voucher codes have expired for any reason whatsoever.
  10. Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. or Premier Sales Promotions Pvt. Ltd and the Stores are not responsible for any loss or theft of the Vouchers.
  11. No duplicate Voucher shall be issued to the customers.
  12. Premier Sales Promotions Pvt. Ltd. is acting as an executing agency for this promotional offer and holds no legal and financial liability on unclaimed offers, incentives, Vouchers, etc beyond the applicable period of the promotional offer.
  13. The Terms and Conditions of the offer can be changed during the promotional period by PREMIER SALES PROMOTIONS PVT LTD or by Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.
  14. These Terms & Conditions are subject to Indian Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Bangalore.
  15. Cashback Offer valid from 01/01/2024 to 31/03/2024 (Offer Period).
  16. Promoter: Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.
  17. All offers are supplied by Premier Sales Promotions Pvt. Ltd. 4th Floor, Mitra Towers, 10/4 Kasturba Road, Bangalore 560001, India. E-mail: feedback@bigcity.in. All queries should be sent to this address.
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