Cadbury Choclairs Vacay Vibe Activation Win Big 2 DSLRs Camera

Cadbury Choclairs Vacay Vibe Activation Win Big 2 DSLRs Camera

Cadbury Choclairs Vacay Vibe Activation Win Big 2 DSLRs Camera
Participate New Contest of Cadbury Choclairs Vacay Vibe Activation Win Big 2 DSLRs Camera. Cadbury Choclairs and get ready to embark on an exciting vacation-themed adventure! The Cadbury Choclairs Vacay Vibe Activation offers participants the chance to win amazing prizes, including two high-quality DSLR cameras. Here’s how you can participate and make the most of this exhilarating opportunity.

How To Participate Cadbury Choclairs Vacay Vibe Activation Contest?

Step 1: Buy Cadbury Choclairs Gold Candy & Scan the QR Code:
  • To begin your journey towards winning incredible prizes, scan the QR code located on the back of Cadbury Choclairs Gold Candy Promo Pack. This will lead you to the registration page where your adventure begins.
Step 2: Fill in Your Personal Details
  • Once on the website, you'll need to fill in your personal details to proceed. Ensure all the requested information is accurate to avoid any issues with your entry. You will be required to submit your mobile number, after which you will receive a OTP.
Step 3: Verify Your OTP
  • Upon submitting your mobile number, an OTP will be generated and sent to you. If you do not receive the OTP promptly, double-check the number you have entered and use the ‘Re-send’ button. This step is crucial for verifying your participation.
Step 4: Consent to Terms and Conditions
  • Before proceeding, you must provide your consent for the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. This ensures that you are fully aware of the rules and guidelines of the competition, safeguarding both you and the organizers.
Step 5: Pack Your Virtual Suitcase
  • Once you’ve completed the registration process, a short, engaging virtual game will appear. Your task is to pack a virtual suitcase by dragging and dropping items into it within a 10-second time limit. This fun and fast-paced game adds an extra layer of excitement to the competition.
Step 6: Create Your Customized Avatar
  • Based on the items you pack, a customized avatar will be created. Your avatar could be themed as 'Forest Fever', 'Mountain Mania', or 'Beachy Bliss', reflecting your unique vacation vibe.
Step 7: Share Your Avatar to Win
  • After your avatar is created, a ‘share to win’ button will appear. Share your customized avatar on selected social media platforms using the hashtag #choclairsvacayvibe. This step is essential as it qualifies you to stand a chance to win a DSLR camera or other exciting travel goodies.

Prize Details Of Cadbury Choclairs Vacay Vibe Activation Win Big 2 DSLRs Camera

There are maximum of 26 Prizes under the Campaign with 2 DSLRs camera to be gifted to winners at the end of campaign and 24 duffle bags weekly 2 winners: 
  • 2 Lucky MFK Winners Win DSLRs Camera
  • 24 Lucky MFK Winners Win Duffle Bags Every week 2 Winners
Grand Prizes:
  • Two Grand DSLR prizes will be given to 2 persons at the end of the campaign. These winners will be chosen through a lucky draw from those who have shared on social media during the campaign.
Weekly Prize:
  • Duffle bags will be given in a frequency of 2 per week throughout the 12-week campaign.
  • These will also be awarded through a lucky draw based on the sharing of avatars on social media with #choclairsvacayvibe each week.
Prize Limit:
  • All Prize Winners will be eligible to win only one of the above Prizes during the Campaign Period.
Prize Representation:
  • The images of the Prizes depicted on the ads/posters/TVCs/pack shots, etc., are indicative only. The actual Prizes may vary in appearance from the pictures.
  • All applicable taxes resulting from the acceptance of Prize(s) shall be the responsibility of the Prize Winner.

Winner Selection, Winner Announcement, and Contacting Winners

Announcement and Contact:
  • Winners of the Campaign will be announced on a weekly basis and at the end of the campaign, depending on the reward.
  • Winners will be contacted by the Campaign Partner or execution partner through calls, direct messages, WhatsApp, email, posts, etc.
  • By accepting these T&Cs, you consent to be contacted for the purpose of this Campaign, including for procuring additional information required for delivering Prizes where applicable.
  • Winner Selection:
  • Winners will be selected through a lucky draw from the entries (shares on social media with the hashtag).
  • If there aren’t sufficient entries to select winners who have shared on social media, MDLZ reserves the right to select winners by a random draw based on their participation.
Verification and Eligibility Confirmation:
  • Prize Winners must respond to confirm eligibility and provide verification documents within 3 days of the initial contact to be eligible for the winner selection process.
Prize Winners are required to share the following verification documents:

Required Documents:
  • Copy of PAN Card
  • One of the following valid documents: Driving License, AADHAR, Passport, or Voter ID Card for identification and verification purposes.
  • Mondelez and/or the execution partner shall not be responsible for any accident, mishap, or loss of the verification documents.
  • Participants are solely responsible for ensuring that the documents reach the address directed by Mondelez or the Execution Partner.
  • No justification or explanation for the non-receipt of documents or any missing documents shall be accepted.
If the Prize Winners do not respond to communications within 3 days of the initial contact, the execution partner reserves the right to disqualify that Prize Winner. The Prize will be forfeited or offered to another Participant as Mondelez, in its sole discretion, deems fit.

Contest Duration: 
This Campaign will commence from 1st June 2024. and end on 31st Aug

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